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The Westlawn Inn, located on 7th and Chesapeake Avenue in North Beach, opened in July 2004. The building is an original historical structure in the town, serving for most of its seventy-five years as a boarding house or bed & breakfast. Proprietors Lee and Jan Travers offer a casually upscale dining venue offering a traditional American menu with a retro flair. The restaurant’s goal is to provide scrumptious cuisine and superior service in an elegant but friendly atmosphere.

Bio on Lee Travers

Proprietor William (Lee) Travers has been a Calvert County resident since the early 1970s. After three decades of successfully owning and operating the custom builders company, William Travers & Sons, with his father and brother, Lee decided to return to his roots in the hospitality industry. Lee’s first experience in the restaurant business started in childhood watching his father manage Popey’s Tavern in Prince George’s County. Seeing the potential for a new dining experience in North Beach, Lee purchased the historic building at 9200 Chesapeake Avenue with the dream of transforming it into a fine dining establishment. After extensive renovations (all done by Travers), The Westlawn Inn opened its doors in July of 2004.

Lee, an avid musician who in the '60s played with artists such as The Allman Brothers, The Mamas & The Papas, and Neil Diamond, can be seen playing live at the Inn the occasional Saturday evening.

Bio on Jan Travers

Jan (Barrett) Travers has also been a county resident since 1970, as her family moved to Huntingtown from Springfield, Virginia at that time. After receiving her BA from James Madison University in 1972, Jan had a 30-year career as an English teacher: '72-'74 at Calvert High School, '74-'79 and '91-'04 at Northern High School, and '04-'14 at Huntingtown High School. From '82-'91, she was an instructor for Calvert Fitness, and president of the company from '88-'91. Previous restaurant experience includes serving experience at Stinnett's Restaurant in Chesapeake Beach and Shorter's Restaurant in Benedict.

Jan and Lee have been married since 1974 and have two children, Heather and Will. Heather (now Jacobs) lives in Springfield (VA), has two children, and works for Vacation.com. Will lives in North Beach and is the manager and main bartender for The Westlawn Inn.